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With extensive experience in sales and marketing, Benefit Horizons Corporation brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to both the true group and voluntary group benefits marketplace. Bringing the most cost effective and well designed employee and group benefits to the marketplace is why Benefit Horizons Corporation can boast of client relationships that have endured the test of time. Some of the markets we service include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Distribution and Marketing Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Construction Services
  • Garden Nurseries
  • Food Processing
Your Employee benefits specialists

Benefit Horizons Coporation’s value goes beyond the traditional employer/broker relationship. Our goal has always been to do the job necessary to achieve 100% satisfaction FOREVER.

Benefit Horizons Corporation serves as the exclusive provider of employee and group benefits for many of our valued clients and their employees. We continuously search the marketplace for the most competitive programs available. Benefit Horizons Coporation is always looking for new concepts and ideas to keep the employer positioned in their marketplace to attract and retain quality employees.

Our relationships go well beyond products and participation. Clients call on us to support their efforts in other areas, both in and out of the workplace. For example, participating in fundraising events sponsored by a client firm is a way of giving back to the community and to support the client and/or employees.

Networking in today’s business world is an essential part of doing business. We have introduced a number of our clients to each other, who in turn have created business relationships.


Our comprehensive library of communication content provides you with the resources you need to notify and remind your employees of issues related to health, safety, legislation, compensation and more. From forms to newsletters, each piece is professionally designed and ready for you to pass onto your employees. We offer tools to make your job easier. Know that any resource you need to communicate with your employees is right at your fingertips. Meeting communication compliance
requirements has never been this streamlined.

Legal Updates

  • Not sure about the latest government insurance policies? 'Insurance Alerts,' along with other legal update documents, are timely pieces for reference of fast-breaking insurance news.
  • 'Legislative Updates' keep you informed of recent court decisions, the latest federal and state laws and regulations, breaking employment news and workplace issues making headlines relating to human resources.
  • Notification requirements set by the Department of Labor are not a problem with our preformatted 'Model Notices.' Pass these onto your employees to inform them of crucial guidance needed to use their employee benefit plans properly.

Employee Communications

  • Wellness posters can be posted around your workplace as a quick reminder for your employees. Educate about health issues such as stroke, TMJ disorder and more.
  • Our monthly newsletters—including 'Health Matters,' 'Safety Matters' and 'MedAnalyzer Health Series,' among others—are populated with helpful information and tips on topics such as cholesterol, sleep apnea, fire prevention, claims-related conditions and more.

Productivity Tools

  • Our productivity tools help you through every step of the employee hiring process. From job descriptions to interviewing advice—we help you select the best candidate possible. You also receive new employee orientation templates, employee handbook templates and additional documents useful for you and your employees.
  • Use our 'Annual Enrollment Overview' template to organize information and notify employees of all their options during annual enrollment.
  • Create a document providing employees with their "hidden" paycheck exact pay, including salary and benefits with our 'Total Compensation Statement' tool.

Health Care Reform Materials

If you have questions about Health Care Reform, look no further. The dynamic shifts of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect many employers. New regulations may affect your organization differently — but searching for the appropriate solution can be time consuming.

Benefit Horizons Corporation recognizes that while the ACA touches everyone, how it affects your business depends on your unique needs. The vast array of Health Care Reform reference materials and tools provide timely information and improved clarity.

ACA Updates

  • Are you confused about the latest Health Care Reform news? Our 'Legislative Update' features a weekly wrap-up of information to brief readers on the most newsworthy employment and H.R. headlines.
  • Don't be the last to hear about the latest Supreme Court decisions. 'Insurance Alerts' ensure you receive late-breaking insurance updates.

Reference Materials

  • The Health Care Reform 'Reference Materials' provide comprehensible detail on a number of intricacies such as infographics to determine potential employer penalties as well as a look ahead with the 'Health Care Reform Timelines' through 2018. Employers will also find helpful fact sheets and articles detailing essential information regarding the ACA.

ACA Webinars

  • Benefit Horizons Corporation also provides a 'Health Care Reform Video Library' for further enrichment. Use these segments for supplementary information on a number of elements ranging from new plan provisions to State Exchange Mandates.

Pay-or-Play Calculator and Other ACA Tools

  • Determine your Full Time Equivalent Employee (FTEE) count and learn more about your Updated State Exchange information and Poverty Guidelines with our 'Pay-or-Play Calculator'.
  • FutureOffice Network provides employers with a series of helpful templates and worksheets to easily disseminate plan information to your employees.

Monthly Webinars

Live monthly webinars provide you with the latest in benefits, employment law, human resources, compensation and related topics that you and your employees need to know.

Brought to you by Benefit Horizons Corporation, these webinars connect you to content experts on the latest issues that are important to you and your company. The best part? You can view it from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere.
Every month we offer one to two live presentations (lasting approximately one hour) via your computer, followed by a short question and answer session. You and/or your employees are able to listen in on employment issues that affect your company. These webinars tackle new topics each month, serving as both a learning tool and a way for you to refresh your knowledge.

Ask Benefit Horizons Corporation for more information.

COBRA Outsourcing

Make the COBRA pain go away with Benefit Horizons COBRA Administration an outsourced solution that takes you out of the COBRA business. COBRA and state continuation regulations are time-sensitive, complicated and riddled with fines for non- compliance. Put Benefit Horizons COBRA Administration in charge and never worry about compliance again.

FSA Administration

Smarter than your average flexible spending account (FSA), Our Third Party
Administrator allows participants to deduct money from their pay on a pre-tax basis and use it to pay for medical expenses not covered by another health plan. Control
contributions and enjoy convenient tax savings on a wide variety of health care expenses.

HRA/HSA Administration

Fill in the gaps left by health insurance plans by offering your employees funding for their eligible, uninsured health expenses. 0ur fully customizable health reimbursement
accounts (HRAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are perfect for pairing with a high-deductible health plan, giving participants the ability to control health care spending.

Group benefits specialists

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