Benefit Horizons Corp Employee Benefits and Group Benefits insurance broker
Employee benefits and Group Benefits insurance broker
Employee Benefits Broker
Group benefits specialists in Connecticut

Employee Benefits Broker and Group Benefits Broker Insurance

At Benefit Horizons Corporation, we think you should expect more from a business insurance partner. As a group and employee benefits broker, our employee and group benefits insurance advisors and support staff are committed to maintaining high standards of excellence in all we do.

More means:

  • Understanding the unique insurance needs of your business.
  • Providing your Human Resources staff with compliance resources for Federal Regulations including health care reform, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, §125 and more.
  • Assisting Human Resources staff to effectively administer your employee benefits and group benefits and H.R. program.
  • Experience and knowledge with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs).

Our Role as Your Employee Benefits Broker and Group Benefits Broker Advisor:

  • Employee Communications
    Communicating employee benefits plan as well as providing employees with health care and wellness education, 'Total Compensation Statements', 'Annual Enrollment Overviews', 'New Employee Orientation' tools and more.
  • Employer Services
    As your group and employee benefits broker, we will review your current plans while also preparing and conducting annual request for proposal. Acting as your interface with Carrier/TPA in addition to assisting escalated claims resolution as well as track and reporting group specific claims.
  • Human Resources Technology
    Providing access to experience and tools to help your organization navigate the complexities of Human Resources administration. Additional services, such as: COBRA administration, online enrollment and employee benefits administration, Human Resources audits and more.
  • Administration
    Long term strategic planning and review for compliance and notification processes.

      What Our Customers think about Benefit Horizons
      being their exclusive group and employee benefits broker

      "Since our dermatology practice began in 2005, Benefit Horizons has been our exclusive employee benefits broker for all of our benefits.
      The timely response and personal attention to detail is what has impressed me most. For a small group like ours, we get big company service from Benefit Horizons Corporation

      Patti Zambrello, Practice Manager,
      Dermatology Associaties of Eastern Connecticut

      "Benefit Horizons has been handling our employee benefits for both our Connecticut and Florida locations since 2001. In these changing times, when medical insurance has taken off in cost, Benefit Horizons has continued to find a way to keep our medical rates affordable for both our employees and our company."

      David Richards, President,
      Clinton Nurseries, Inc.

      "I wish all my vendors were as competent as Benefit Horizons!"

      Stephen Meltzer, Controller
      Parker X-Ray

      "Benefit Horizons provides us with exceptional customer service and work as a liaison with our insurance company. They always go to bat for our employees and make sure they have accurate coverage."

      Marty Smith, Controller
      Turnpike Motors

      "Our partnering with Benefit Horizons is reassuring to our organization that we have aligned ourselves with a knowledgeable, capable and professional company."

      Judith T. Spreda, Human Resources Manager
      Peter Paul Electronics Company Inc.

      "Whenever I have a problem or a question, Benefit Horizons is incredibly helpful and always gets back to me in a timely manner. I would recommend Benefit Horizons to any company that is looking for brokers who are not only professional, but also give a personal touch as well."

      Lisa Tremblay, Human Resources
      Rawson Materials


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